Use of electricity in space.

An Indonesian woman researcher is working to improve the use of electrical energy in space. He is working day and night at a research center in Cologne in Germany to make the radio-isotope-therm. How Earth Stations get electricity from space to send signals and perform? For this the radio isotope thermo-electric generator or RTG is one of most used mediums. All the scientist of the world get together to invent a thermoelectric generator in space and space travelling center in Cologne city. Hasbuna Kamil one of these scientists.  This guy is working with that team from three years to invent a generator which will be more efficient.

Kamil has said “ we are working to optimize p-type element of thermoelectric generator. It’s important because the efficiency of p type depends on it’s formation.” The implementation of p-type in thermoelectric generator so that it can be used in space crafts and other vehicles. But I am working with a tiny portion of it_ she said.

The chief of the team has said “Though the spares of the kamil’s work is so tiny but it’s very effective. The procedure of using thermos wastages can be come out from her research.”

The task of Mila is also very important. She is working some very small part of instruments which made of N-type  and P-type element. She is working from the love of science said Bor. From the whole world many of them get together for researches. According to these type of research they will be able to improve the thermoelectric generator soon. It also be usable to other vehicles as well as other machineries.   It’s a noticeable scene of the research is that the most of the researchers of this team are women. They are working with their high confident.

oelectric generator more efficient.

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