Tesla Model Y: Best Electric Car Ever?

tesla model y
tesla model y
Tesla Model Y

Tesla did it with the model Y. Tesla’s first master plan is over they accomplished what most thought was impossible bring an electric car to the masses but also prove that it wasn’t a crazy idea and the model Y is a start of round two and it’s about as good a start as we can think of. Before the Y and Tesla has been a unique company because they told us from day one what their master plan was and it’s been available on their website for years and it’s pretty simple they want to speed up the adoption of electric transportation and they said they are going to produce a very expensive limited production car and to the Roadster.

That would let them produce a still expensive albeit less expensive larger sedan enter the Model S the Model S will let them produce their mass-market car the less expensive version of their dream that could be for everybody enter the model three. There’s been some deviations that original plan right we got things like the Model X perhaps my favorite car that I’ve ever owned with it’s crazy doors it was perfect for me and my growing family so here we are now with the model Y and this is the first tangible available car it master-planned part two. Here’s what should be dropping so it’s a beautiful solar roof it’s things like the model Y.

It’s the semi-truck it’s the cyber truck it’s filling out the portfolio of electric vehicles leading us to full automation where a car can theoretically make money for you that’s a completion of the vision that Elon is laid out a few years ago now we’re still far from that theoretically but the cars are in place and the model y is a car that is capable that can get to that level of autonomy the model Y combines my favorite parts of all the other Tesla’s that I’ve driven it’s everything that I’ve loved about previous Tesla cars now in one more affordable package and all of that makes the model why the perfect. Tesla here’s why so maybe perfect isn’t the right word but it’s close to it the model why checks I think more boxes for more people than ever before. So the model y is potentially a crossover version of the model 3 it’s a little bigger and all the dimensions instead of a trunk it’s got a hatchback and you sit up a little bit higher now.

Model Y and model 3
Model Y and model 3

 The specs you can order are all over the place and they change a lot like Tesla tends to do but least as of this filming you’ve got a dual motor version and you’ve got a performance version and then you’ve got different options inside of that the one we have here is a dual motor with the larger20-inch tires which look absolutely gorgeous and I think that would be the first upgrade I would pick on any model y. I ordered they look awesome on the car and I love my model 3. I’ve only had it for about 6 months so I’m only about a quarter of the way through my two-year lease. But there are compromises with the model 3 and things that I knew going in wasn’t going to be able to comfortably fit three car seats in the back of the car I can comfortably in the model why the three inches difference on the width makes a huge amount of actual real-life difference.

We’ve got humans sitting in the back bench and we have to drive my now one-year-old daughter to school in a few years and the three just wouldn’t work for me then the hatch in the back is infinitely easier than having a trunk and the model 3 is a very generous trunk space a hatch is just realistically easier for those of you that are parents sometimes. You still need a flat space to change a diaper for example and that flat hatch gives you the option to do that you’ve got the sub trunk down below and even another kind of smaller sub trunk in front of that where that third row would go if you opted for it you’ve got the front trunk it’s amazing how much stuff you could cram into the model y.

Model y it definitely feels bigger inside than the model 3 it’s about 3inches wider and about 2 inches longer but the big difference is the heights 7inches taller than the model 3 and you feel it your seating position is higher. It feels more like you’re driving an SUV like the Model X than it does like the model three my wife she’s smaller lady so she likes to sit up high in a car she never really enjoys driving the three but she really liked the time in the wife started gave her a more open sense of the road also in the three it’s got a beautiful panoramic roof on top.

But there’s a crossbar there that crossbar has been totally removed with the Y kind of giving you a more airy feel when you’re actually inside of the car everybody’s use cases for car different for me. It’s a family hauler it’s got to be practical and the best use case I could think of to try that was going at Costco and this was an average Costco trip for a family of five paper towel toilet papers you know fruits veggies a really big amount of stuff that I would have had a really hard time fitting into the model 3 and as you can see I could fit all of it in the back hatch and the sub trunk with room to spare without having to put anything in the second row floor or even touching the front trunk and at least for me I know if I was going out for day with my whole family I could take the Y and I could have beach chairs for baseball gear in the back. It’s all of a ton of room to stop by at the grocery store that’s just not the case for me with the model 3 so the model y at least gives me more peace of mind for hauling people and thingshey there but you didn’t expect me. When we were looking at the model y we realized something John and I are completely different we have different lives he has a family he doesn’t really go anywhere sorry John I don’t have kids but I also love to travel and do a lot of extracurricular activities but we both still think that this is the car for us even though we do completely different things with it for me I need a car that I can be in for a long time.

I take tons of road trips obscene amounts of road trips so I’m in the car a lot so having a car that is safe reliable and comfortable is important but also I want one that is fun to drive and mater why does that so just like John I Drive a model three every day that is my daily car and I was surprised how similar this feels to that even though it’s bigger in pretty much every way the main thing you definitely notice is that it’s taller but usually that comes with the sacrifice of performance you know you go around a binyou feel like you’re gonna fall over but that doesn’t happen here surprisingly I was expecting it to but it doesn’t it isn’t as nimble that’s just physics you do get more body roll but it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting and that instant torque and acceleration mints it just feels plain fast. But this car satisfies my craving of a fun car to drive and even though this is a bigger SUV it feels like a sports car honestly now super charging and charging in general is just always the biggest question I have always heard and seen when it comes to not only owning a Tesla but just road trips with the Tesla the long-range model Y tops out at 316 miles of range which I have found to be completely adequate by having that over three hundred miles of range means that I never have to worry about it which is something that you know with previous versions of electric cars you always had to you know the supercharger network is for me the reason why I just can’t see myself not having a Tesla. If I’m gonna have an electric car being able to go across the country and yeah you’re gonna have to stop you’re gonna have to wait to charge but the supercharger networks.

I think one of the key selling features of not only the model why but just Tesla’s in general autopilot is another area where Tesla just excels and when you’re on road trips this is immensely useful being able to just set it and forget it for the most parts of course still paying attention. But it just takes a load off and it makes it going farther distances even easier another thing the model why I think is great at is you know getting out there and actually doing stuff. I like to go surfing I like to mountain bike I like to camp those are all things that having more space helps with with my model 3currently I can do all of that I just have to you know strap my surfboard to the roof or start my bike to the roof which works but it’s definitely more steps with this you could just stuff everything inside and the same goes for camping you can either one go car camping and this is pretty big so you can actually do that or you know you could just fit everything that you have with you. Again with my model 3 I have to stuff the trunk as full as it can get and then also use the backseat it’s just it’s just limiting and you get more space to do what you want with the mono why the model white gives you the best of all worlds when it comes to actually using it putting the utility in sports utility vehicle so I get that most people out there want to do some good in the world but sometimes doing that good can no honestly take a lot of work.

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