Sony A7S III, Maybe your New Favorite Mirrorless Camera

sony A7s iii

It’s a Sony a7sIII ! Sony a7sIII, it doesn’t have 8k but it is very okay. And here is why.

They say everything is new but the body feels pretty much the same as the a7R IV and i think it is just the shell of the a7R IV, but this bit is new. And they’ve made it fit quite flush to the back of the camera. I mean, there’s just a tiny little notch here to slide your finger or your fingernail to flip the screen out, but otherwise, yep, it’s quite tidy. I mean, especially when you compare it to the Panasonic S1H, which looks like a DIY project in comparison. It’s quite ugly. But yeah, it’s still quite a strange sightseeing this on a Sony because for so many generations of a7 they’ve had the tilt screen that tilts this way, not sideways. The ZV-1 was the first Sony to ever tilt sideways, so this is still quite a new thing for Sony. And this screen is going to be useful for the V word… Vlogging. Okay, so I know this is £3600, It’s not exactly your cheapest vlogging camera, it’s not meant for vlogging. But for sure there will be vloggers who are going to buy this. I mean, essentially, all these new vlogging cameras that’s been coming out in 2020, they’re selling them to get you to buy this. Yeah, right. So, the a7s II, people love that because it’s a capable camera – it’s full frame. This has got the flippy screen but it just got even more capable, which you kinda expect after 5 years of waiting. You wouldn’t think that they’ll just put real time AF and say “Thank you very much, see you again in 5 more years time.” No, this has got a tasty set of features. Oh, yes! I feel like I have to do more kind of facial expressions, to make up for the fact that you can’t see my mouth. I have to do some more eyebrow action. But otherwise I could probably just do voiceover, I don’t actually need to talk right now.

Now, one of the things that was my a7s III Wishlist was a big 16:9 touch screen. This is not 16:9 screen, so it’s just like your regular a7 where you get the black bars, top and bottom, when you’re shooting video. But one good thing is, I guess, it doesn’t compromise on buttons, so you still have your buttons here. but the screen is of the touchy-feely variety and I’m not just talking for focus but also to navigate through the menu system and that brings me neatly to something very new the menu system. I cannot believe Sony has introduced a new menu system and what have they done to it they’ve kind of made it a bit more logical in terms of organization so the sections have changed and they’re on the side now and the menu system changes depending on if you’re shooting video or stills first section here is shooting number one image quality number two media format it’s now really easy to find instead of setup page four halfway down you can use your touchscreen here to scroll through things. The only thing is everything is quite small so if you’ve got fatter fingers you might encounter some problems pressing the right thing in the menu system you might I don’t know I don’t have fat fingers but yeah otherwise using the touchscreen seems to make things a bit speedier and you can use the dials well to sift through the pages explosion color it’s got its own section if it’s got its own section yay it’s just a lot tied in I think at least now it doesn’t necessitate googling where menu item is now halfway during a shoot which I have done a few times now it’s on wait for it oh it’s not sticking it’s a turn of yourself just pause momentarily because we’re just we just reset the Sony and um setting everything up again and of course the Sony menu system really helped with setting it up again the exposure assist thing for studying as well get my assist.

sony a7s screen

I think it was in the the suit little suitcase setting menu why is it in the shoe I know Sony so yes different menu system for video and for stills but one thing I hope they change in a future firmware update is to allow you to have different picture profiles for video mode and for stills mode because right now if you’re shooting log in video and you change to stills you still be shooting and log and I don’t want to have photos in log also be nice if it could memorize different shutter speeds for the different modes so right now if you’re shooting video mode 50 of a second you switch to manual mode for photos it’s still 150th of a second and you don’t necessarily want 50 of a second all the time okay let’s spin around to the flat side of the camera the flaps have been improved they’re better than ace and s2 flaps they’re similar to the a7r four flaps you’ve got different flap here for your microphone a different flap for your headphone and then usb c and your multi socket right there the flaps are more practical they don’t get in the way of stuff and it’s good having a different flap just for the mic socket because you might not want to use that you might want to use this instead their fancy mic shoe mic digital only the second Sony camera to a second consumer hybrid camera anyway to be able to use it digitally so no wires the sound just goes through the hot shoe lastly on the flat side is a biggie I mean quite literally it’s bigger full-size HDMI port yay I hated that puny little port before.

Because I just went through so many micro HDMI cables the ends of it was so fragile so yes using an Atomos cable and that will allow for some good stuff which I’ll come to later spin around to the other side and yes it’s also a flap side I just realized that when I called the other side offlap side this is also a flap side under this flap hides two card slots like a7 r4 but different to the a7r4 are the card formats there’s a new card format here and it’s not memory stick so yeah of express type a card it looks more like a Nintendo ds card or something like that and I believe it’s tough I don’t know think they might have written it somewhere or or somewhere on the box don’t know must be very small writing because i can’t see it but anyway yeah it’s small and fast and actually not that expensive considering it’s nice having new flaps and ports but for camera that is going to be used for video we want to know how exactly that has been improved don’t we don’t we just just in case you steal hand sanitizer okay I’ve got a break or two video geeks it doesn’t have a tally light actually I’m a bit gutted that they didn’t put one on it i mean it seems like such an easy thing to have done but there is a setting in a menu that emphasizes your video recording or empaths your video recording apparently with a red box around the screen anyway so yeah one of the reasons why I use the gh5 for vlogging and filming shots like this usually is because of the stabilization in fact that Sony not too good a rolling shutter well now they’ve improved it they’ve got a new processor it’s got the bionz xr which is eight times the processing speed of the x doesn’t really mean much to me I’ll wait for this little truck to go by which means two times the reload speed which means three times improved rolling shutter that means a lot more all right let’s go we’ve got Todd today really yeah so I don’t think they’ve improved the stabilization as such but running shot improved by three times the best way to get an idea is to compare to in my opinion the current best Sony full frame for video the a7 free of course if you whip it around like a nutty you will still see some effects but the improvement is really quite noticeable over the a7 iii which I don’t even think is Sony’s worst offender when it comes to rolling shutter and they’ll make handheld shots look better but what about the stabilization how does this look when I’m walking and talking hoping it’s looking pretty damn good unfortunately the ibis doesn’t provide super smooth stabilization for walking logging shots okay so now I have mounted the baits 18millimeter f 2.8 lens on that doesn’t have any optical stabilization inside the lens so we’re just relying on the steady shot of the camera let’s see how that fares in standard mode the steady shot doesn’t smooth out the shakes actually.

I did notice that for just hand-held shots where I’m not walking the stabilization works a lot better than before I wouldn’t be able to get these kind of shots with that a73 handheld but there is an active steady shot which is digital stabilization basically but that means a 1.1 time scope let’s try it out I mean on a 24 millimeter with a 1.1times crop it’s just a little bit more face than you really need right not that I’m actually showing any face but anyway yes the 4k video so it’s got15 stops of dynamic range which is not too bad is it yeah also they’ve changed the color science again to match the fx9 also worth noting is that it’s got 759to text auto focus points previously the a7sii didn’t have phase detection so it’s just a logical step to go to phase detection but this has a coverage of 92 percent and saying that about 92 of my face is covered so it’s not exactly good time to test the face detection iafeyes covered as well or maybe that would be a good challenge for the iafokay so that’s it’s supposed to be 30 better on your eyes i don’t know how to measure that now i didn’t take my atomizer recorder so I can’t show you exactly what was shown on the screen but it picked up on my face despite the mask but it couldn’t quite latch onto the eyes properly when i gave a sneak peek of my eyes theiaf works really well even when the face and eyes are further away from the camera it still maintains the focus well and with my glasses on and even from the sides of my face it still picks up the focus on the eyes and it doesn’t lose track of it now even video is really one of the reasons why i like using Sony at home i mean check this out focus on hand no focus on the face all right but yeah it has been tempting seeing other recent cameras with fancier 4koptions the a7r iii is going to be known more for something it doesn’t have rather than what it does have 8k yeah no 8k as mentioned earlier deal killer more doesn’t bloody matter well that’s really for you to decide i mean that’s kind of interesting because you’d think canon is the conservative one Sony is the kind of everything including kitchen sink kind of people you know Sony’s focusing on not the big headline feature now but rather just concentrate on how it’s executed how it’s done how that 4k is done i mean this has got4k but it’s not just your regular 4k 100 mbpsit’s 4k 120.

You get 10 bit 422 all-round so 4k 30 to120 and in 1080 up to 240. yeah but also they’ve changed the color science again to match the fx9now these were shot in 4k 25p all eye s log 3 s gamut and my preferred luck leister chapman’s Venice lut applied straight onto the clip nothing else produces some great looking results no color correction here just the luck there’s a certain richness to these 10 bit files which when you’re coming from an a73 to this is quite apparent with skin color comparison using my preferred movie picture profile same white balance setting same settings everything the a7on the left there i always find that it ends up looking a bit uneasy queasy a little bit yellow a little bit green the s3 seems to be a bit more pumped on the reds it’s probably the most pleasing skin tones without doing any work that I’ve seen from an a7 camera it feels like the auto white balance performs better too what i wouldn’t say is perfect when say surrounded by trees and grass it hasn’t chucked in those magentas to try and balance all that greenness that some Sony cameras of the past had a problem with so yeah that’s a little bit different but what else is different well it’s now got 15 stops of dynamic range not too shabby right yes really not shabby at all I mean take a look at this comparison between the a7iii and a7 s3both exposed with the same settings with highlights looking a little bit clipped just check out the edge of the curtain and roof of the car same lutes you pull back the exposure both gain back quite a bit of the detail and highlights but down to minus three stops and you can see how much further the s will go so yeah in 4kusually I use the uh picture profile one movie movie picture profile in daytime s log 3 usually doesn’t go low enough but now it goes down to iso 640 but if you expand it it goes all the way down to 160.

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