Search for life on Mars in recent century

Search for life on Mars.

Mars is a planet in which the probability of consisting lives was more than others ago. Mars may now be considered a barren snow-covered desert, but did life ever exist on the surface of Earth’s closest neighbor? This is a question that scientists have been searching for centuries. Many science fictions stories have been written about this. Many nonwritten stories are existing about it over the world.

Scientists believe that the possibility of life on Mars can be observed 400 billion years ago. But the intermediate history of Mars is enigmatic.

The AFP news agency reported that the United States, the United Arab Emirates and China are launching spacecraft this summer to unravel the mystery of Mars However, they are not advancing with the goal of searching for life on Mars. Because, there is no possibility of anything surviving now. However, if any traces of the past life form are found there, that will be explored.

These huge and expensive programs can prove futile. However, astronomers say that we still have high hopes for the red planet to find the possibility of life on other planets.

Search for life on Mars
Search for life on Mars

This week, Jean-Ves La Gaul, president of the French space agency Sines, said: “Mars is still the ideal place to look for alien creatures. Because, it was habitable billions of years ago.

NASA’s 2020 Mars observation mission is set to begin in late July. At that time, Mars and Earth will be closest in two years. This is the biggest effort to unravel the mystery of Mars using the latest technology at a cost of 2.5 billion. But not just the United States; Interest in space exploration is growing again in different countries.

Scientists began to be interested in Mars in the seventeenth century. In 1809, the Italian scientist Galileo observed Mars using a telescope, which is considered to be the first person in the history of astronomy to use new technology. Fifty years later, Christian scientist Christian Huygens used a more advanced telescope to draw a topological design of Mars.

In the sixties of this century, scientists said, Mars is unsuitable for life. The researchers’ idea came true when Viking landers were able to test the soil on Mars. Interest in Mars lasted for 20 years. In 2011, scientists found evidence of water on Mars.

After getting water, interest started to grow again around Mars. Michael Viso, a scientist at the French Space Research Organization, said evidence has been found that Mars has not been completely dead in every mission since the discovery of water. The new US spacecraft, called Preservatives, will land on Mars in February after a six-month journey.

It will land on Mars in an area called Jezero Crater, a 45-kilometer river delta. There are sedimentary rocks like the earth. Scientists will search for life on Mars for the next decade.

If life does not match on Mars, they will keep an eye on the moon on Saturday and Thursday. But getting there is still more of a science fiction than a reality.

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