Scientists are praising the UK’s response to the coronavirus

According to the British Guardian, the rate of coronavirus infection in the UK and the Central National Health Service (NHS) have led researchers in the country to develop corona therapy. The country is helping countries around the world to get the right treatment for coronavirus. The UK team’s ‘recovery team’ is praising the development of effective treatment against coronavirus.

Scientists are praising the UK’s response to the coronavirus. The country is ahead in the race to make vaccines, the world is waiting for the vaccines made by the scientists of Oxford University, on the other hand, the United Kingdom is far ahead of other countries in the race to make life-saving drugs against covid. All in all, the country is receiving rare praise from researchers.
U.S. economist Taylor Cohen’s comment, “The British are on the way to save the world.” On the other hand, citing international scientists, Science magazine said, “The country’s researchers are to be commended for their anti-covid activities.” Their praise revolves around a program called the Recovery Trial.
This is a special program of drug testing adopted by researchers in the UK. It has 3,000 doctors and health workers from 18 hospitals in the country and 12,000 Kovid-19 patients. This test is done in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

“It’s been a remarkable four months,” said Martin Landry, an Oxford researcher who co-founded the recovery. Something has happened during this time that the United Kingdom can be proud of. “
Laundry specializes in large-scale clinical trials. Peter Harbi, another co-founder of Recovery, is an infectious disease specialist. He is a researcher at Oxford. “When coronavirus infections start to increase in Europe, we plan to start work here,” said Harbi.
Researchers in the United Kingdom have experimented with different therapies that have changed the global context. Already, cost-effective anti-inflammatory treatment has saved the lives of many critically ill people. On the other hand, two more discussed therapies have proved ineffective. The Guardian says no other country has come close to achieving the success of the UK’s Corona medical system.
When coronavirus infections began to increase in the UK, Laundry and Herbie teamed up to set up a recovery called Randomized Evolution of Covid-19 Therapy. “We realized that when the number of patients in the hospital started to increase, the doctors would look for treatment,” said Laundry. We didn’t know which drug would work if we didn’t start testing quickly. We only had two weeks to fix the program before the tsunami hit Corona in the NHS. ‘

Typically, it takes nine months to first draft a treatment protocol. Researchers completed the nine-month task in nine days. In just eight weeks, they added 10,000 patients to the test. Beginning is a randomized drug trial or special test to find effective drugs. In this trial, besides finding the right medicine, the right quality can be known.
At this time thousands of patients are given medicines and placebo or different medicines. No patient can know what medicine he got. Then the results of this test are compared to find out the effectiveness of the treatment.
Rescue researchers saw results within three months of launching their program, the Guardian reports. They first tested the malaria drug hydroxychloroquine. At the time, politicians from several countries, including US President Donald Trump, were adamant about the drug. But the recovery team did not agree with them. They found that hydroxychloroquine did not help corona patients.
Emergency use of the drug was stopped in the United States as soon as their results were known. This is followed by the combined treatment of HIV-resistant Lopinavir and Ritonavir. It was also thought to be a powerful treatment for coronary heart disease. The recovery team compared the results with 1,596 patients with these two drugs and 3,038 patients with placebo.

It did not show any significant difference in mortality between the two groups. This treatment was also another disappointing news. Then there is a cheap steroid called L-dexamethasone, which is used for inflammation and arthritis pain. Tests have shown that it can reduce the death of one-third of patients in a ventilator or ICU. It was a great discovery.
Dexamethasone is added to the guidelines for the use of dexamethasone for critically ill patients in various hospitals after learning the results. At the same time, hydrochloroquine, lopinavir and ritonavir were dropped.
Laundry said doctors have come up with various theories about the effectiveness of drugs. However, to prove these theories, large-scale random or random selection has to be done. The exact result is known. In the meantime, the success of the recovery team in the UK has begun to have many effects. Different countries are appreciating it.
Researchers are currently working on three different therapies. These are azithromycin antibiotics, toxilizumab antibodies and convulsive plasma. “It will take a few months for them to know the results of these tests,” said Harbi.’
“The recovery team is now able to add fewer volunteers as the number of patients admitted to hospitals in the UK has dwindled,” said Laundry. Earlier, where there were more patients, quick results were available. It will be too late to get results now. ‘

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