Plans to build the world’s largest underwater research station

The underwater research station

Oceanographers Yves Bihar and Fabian Castiu have already designed the underwater research station. It will have a lab called Proteus, which is four thousand square feet long. This lab can accommodate 12 researchers. They can easily communicate around the world by sitting here.

Although humans have solved many mysteries in space, much of the deep sea remains unknown a team of researchers is discovering such a wonderful world that will open the door to know more about the sea. That is the plan to build the world’s largest underwater research station at the bottom of the Caribbean Sea. It will be a lot like the International Space Station (ISS).

It has been said before that it will work a lot like ISS. It will be possible to stay here for a few weeks together like astronauts in space. From here, scientists will study the sea. Especially with marine archeology, plants and animals. Even the mysteries of marine life, ranging from the effects of climate change, will be revealed.

Scientists say the station has several purposes. One of them is to get an idea about the unknown environment of the sea floor. Also to know what kind of changes are taking place in the currents of the sea and its effect on the climate. It can predict tidal surges, cyclones and other disasters.

How will it be there day and night? Sleeping there means getting into the sleeping bag of the Harmony module, lying down, and floating around all night! So the words ‘rise’, ‘descend’ are relative here. After waking up, the rest of the work is like the earth.

“The station will play a very important role in our future trajectory and survival,” said designer Fabian Castius. In my opinion, this is a thousand times more important than space exploration. That is to say, it is our life support system.

It is learned that the work of Proteus will take another three years to complete. Although the project has come to a halt due to coronavirus!

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