Lucid Motors Unveils World’s Most Powerful and Efficient Electric Car

When it comes to electric vehicles, it’s unquestionable that Tesla is the king of the hill in the United States. There have been established players and startups that have tried to compete with Tesla but so far nobody has really come close to Tesla in giving us the combination of range efficiency and performance. Sure there have been some EVs out there that give us one of those three components but up until now no competitor has delivered on all three until now with the Lucid Air. Lucid has finally pulled the wraps off of the production version of their first vehicle for sale in the United States.

Lucid Motors Unveils Lucid Air, the World’s Most Powerful and Efficient Luxury Electric Car

The Lucid Air sedan, this is going to be competing very directly with entries like the Tesla model S and unlike a lot of the competition Lucid really seems to have pulled out all the stops here because they’re promising this is going to be the most powerful electric vehicle in the world it’s going to be the most efficient electric vehicle in its category and it’s going to give us over 500 miles of electric range. Let’s dive into some of the details hereof you’ve never heard of Lucid, the startup company they’re founded in California which sounds an awful lot like Tesla and oddly enough they’re almost right next door to Tesla they’re located in California which is a teeny tiny donuts hole completely surrounded by Fremont California.

The city that Tesla is located in now don’t worry the cars aren’t going to be manufactured around the corner from the Tesla factory instead they’re going to be manufactured in Arizona and according to lucid the manufacturing will commence spring 2021 and that’s when customer deliveries are going to start now. Let’s take a look at Lucid’s first vehicle the new lucid air sedan clearly aerodynamics is incredibly important with an electric vehicle they don’t really carry as much energy onboard as you might think especially when compared against a traditional vehicle like a gasoline vehicle so every bit of aerodynamic improvement you can get is absolutely critical and they have managed an astounding coefficient of drag. Obviously that’s the result of this very low slung shape that you can see here we have a very low front end even though it does have supposedly the largest frunk in its segment and the rear end is a little bit lift back a little bit fast back styled there which is actually an aerodynamic improvement over traditional sedan style underneath the skin of the lucid air is a skateboard style electric vehicle platform.

This is going to be the platform that they’re going to use to make SUVs or crossovers in the future but they ‘restarting out with the air sedan up front you can see that the battery pack is right in the middle of the platform and it’s a dual motor system very similar to what we see at Tesla. We have a front motor unit and a rear motor unit and then the battery pack is sandwiched in between lucid has released a decent amount of detail on their battery packs and their electronic systems but there’s still few things that we don’t know key things that we do know however are we’re going to get up to 517 miles of EPA range that’s thanks not only to the ultra-efficient aerodynamic shape of the vehicle but also the fact that the battery pack is pretty darn large 113 kilowatt hours that’s about 13 larger than the biggest battery pack on sale today. That would be the 100 kilowatt hour battery pack in modern Tesla’s as with the rest of the EVs available in America

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