Google announces Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5g

Google announces Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5g
Google announces Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5g Phones

Google just wrapped up its fall hardware event and while there were nest speakers and chrome casts involved the big things that we care about are the pixel 5 and the pixel 4a 5g.

Let’s talk about Google’s new phones we just got our first look virtually at the google pixel 5 and the pixel 4a5g. The big thing to know about the pixel5 and pixel 4a 5g is that the prices are enticing rather than going after the high end of the market like it’s done with pixels in the past even the pixel 5 is relatively affordable it’s 699, which is really attractive it’s the same price as the galaxy s20fan edition that just came out same price as the Oneplus8 and similarly priced to the LG velvet. It’s also critically cheaper than the iPhone 12 is expected to be something more along the lines of what the lowest end iPhone12mini is going to cost the pixel 4a 5g is even cheaper just as you’d expect because it’s a “A” model and of course it’s a pixel 4 generation model kind of which is kind of interesting it is only 499 like the name suggests. They’re both 5g devices which is kind of important for the future if not right now but really what matters for both of these is that they have the same cameras and google is known for delivering amazing camera performance even though they don’t have the highest end specs elsewhere. You get a 12-megapixel regular camera and a 16-megapixel ultra-wide camera which is new for the pixel line.

It’s the first time they’ve had an ultra-wide camera rather than going with the 2x telephoto zoom camera. The camera specifics don’t really matter though, it’s all about the way that google processes images it’s HDR plus algorithms all of its image processing for portrait modes and the way that it handles different scenes the highlights the low lights and combining multiple frames. It’s amazing and the fact that you’re going to be able to get this level of camera performance even in the lower end pixel 4 a5g is quite incredible you expect to pay well over a thousand dollars for this kind of photo quality. Now of course we need to see what these phones are all about in our hands when we actually go out and take photos but if the pixel 4 and 4a are any indication we’re in for a treat. Here you see people talk so much about the cameras up front because the rest of the experience it looks kind of boring like I said the specs on both of these phones are not great. Snapdragon 765g will absolutely get the job done.

But it’s not the flagship QUALCOMM 800 series processor that you get in something like the galaxy s20seriesbut you do get eight gigabytes of ram in the pixel 5 and 6 gigabytes in the 4a 5guh you also get larger displays than on the pixel 4a you get a 6inch on the 5 and 6.2 inch on the 4a5git’s a little bit of a weird dichotomy there the 4a 5g is actually larger but it has a smaller battery. It’s just shy of 3900 milliamp hours which Isa little on the small side while the pixel 5 has a just over4000 milliamp hour battery now you know that Google’s pixels have always struggled with battery life but the pixel 3a and pixel 4ahave actually had good battery life because they cut back on the extra features and just give you a streamlined software experience with better battery life you get that with the pixel 5 and pixel4 a5g. As well you don’t get the advanced face unlock features like you got on the pixel 5 or the extra motion sense or the squeeze functionality anything like that that sucks up additional battery and google is also introducing a new ultra-power saving mode where you can choose what features you do and don’t want.

So, you can hopefully extend to the rest of the day or an additional day if you need to elsewhere the pixel 5has wireless charging waterproofing with ip68 resistance rating and also reverse wireless charging which is something that we’ve seen on other phones. Namely in Samsung’s galaxies but is anew thing for google those are the types of things that you miss out on the 4a 5g. But that’s probably worth it for a lot of you to save 200.we have a whole lot to get into with these two phones. Unfortunately, they’re not in our hands just yet, they’re not shipping till late October in the case of the pixel 5and we actually don’t have a solid street date for the 4a 5gjust yet. So, we have a few more weeks to wait we have the pixel5 and pixel 4a 5g coming very soon though in the grand scheme and of course the iPhone 12 series will be launching in between now and when the pixels come out. So, there’s going to be a big google versus apple smartphone competition coming up for sure.

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