Aliens in the skies of India? Brawl in the net world with video!

Aliens in the skies of India?

The UFO is the burning question now a days. The scientists and all general public have a great intention of UFO. The biggest unsolved mystery of the earth and science is the existence of life on aliens.

 Despite years of trying, people have not been able to come up with a definite idea. This is why when people see an unfamiliar flying object or UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) in the sky, they first think that there must have been an alien arrival.

This time there is a brawl in the net world with a video of such an incident seen in the skies of India. As seen in the video, a bright bright object is floating in the sky. A resident of Gurugram captured the scene on social media. The video has gone viral at the moment.

It is learned that a woman saw a round and bright object flying in the sky from her house in Gurugram in Haryana state around 5 am on Monday. Surprised, she informed her husband. After that, the couple made a video of the flying object.

When contacted by the International Business Times about the matter, the couple said, “The object was getting bigger and smaller. The object cannot be called a perfect sphere. ‘

It is known that after a while, the flying object went behind the clouds.

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